Healing the Digital Divide With Community Equity, Not Corporate Extraction

Written by Katie Hearn and Janice Gates

Nowhere are the intersections of racism, poverty, and technology more visible than in majority Black Detroit. With a pre-COVID-19 median household income of about $29,000, quality internet access-- much like water-- is unaffordable to many Detroiters. While it's true that a concerted effort from public, private, and grassroots communities is necessary to impact Detroit's digital divide, a lasting, just, and equitable solution begins with dismantling the structures that created it. These structures, rooted in capitalism and racism, cannot support an equitable solution for bridging the digital divide. From our orientation to data... Continue reading

Thank you, Tawana!

Mother, author, poet, social justice organizer and youth advocate, “yelder”, mentor and consistent inspiration to us all, our beloved director of Data Justice, Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty, has moved on from her monumental chapter here at Detroit Community Technology Project. Tawana’s work was pivotal to our evolution as an organization and touches all corners of the globe. We’re sending her forward with the deepest love, gratitude, and excitement for what’s next.

Tawana’s active role in the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition brought her to this work, where she collaborated on dozens of DiscoTech... Continue reading

Meet the All Women Digital Steward Team at Grace in Action Connecting Their Neighborhood

At Grace in Action, the Equitable Internet Initiative’s partner in Southwest Detroit, their Digital Stewards are a team of women technologists working to ensure their neighborhood is connected and resilient. Digital Stewards build and maintain network infrastructure, demystify technology for their communities and facilitate a healthy integration of technology into people’s lives and communities. By doing so, they are embodying the belief that access to communication and high-speed internet is a human right.

When Shiva, GIA’s newest Digital Steward, joined the team... Continue reading

In Support of Black Liberation

illustration of a group of people, with fists up and breaking down a brick wall, with text that reads 'defend our communities, defund police'

All of us at Detroit Community Technology Project are holding space for the righteous rage and grief moving within us and our communities. The particular anti-blackness of the COVID-19 pandemic and policing are devastating independently and unimaginable to have to navigate simultaneously.

We stand in firm solidarity with those resisting anti-black racism and white supremacy and affirm all... Continue reading

COVID-19 Statement

black-and-white sketch of sunflowers, overlayed with the text 'solidarity. we are all we really have.'

To Our Community,

The moment we are living through has been undoubtedly frightening and uncertain. Many of us are forced to... Continue reading

Introduction to Our Community

2019 was a season of changing, stretching, grounding, and growth for DCTP. Notably, we had a change in leadership when Katie Hearn moved into the role of Executive Director and Tawana Petty and Janice Gates fortified their programs, becoming Directors of Data Justice and the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII), respectively. We've spent tremendous amounts of time taking stock, reflecting, and mapping out the future. We're excited to... Continue reading

New Year, New Future

What a year! 2019 stands as one of the most exciting and impactful years for DCTP.

It has been incredibly encouraging and nourishing to see growing appetites for our work here in Detroit and the heightened focus on building new worlds with digital equity and consent. Reflecting on our growth and everything that has moved us to this point, a major shift for DCTP this year was founder Diana Nucera transitioning from DCTP Director to pursue a new chapter. We are grateful for Diana’s legacy of commitment to community technology, imagination for alternative digital futures, and collaborations that created such works as the Digital Stewards Curriculum and the “Teaching Community Technology” handbook.

As you will see in the updates... Continue reading