Stepping into 2024 with Detroit Community Technology Project!

10 Years

Since 2014, the Detroit Community Technology Project has been committed to ensuring digital equity and digital justice in our communities. For 10 years, we’ve focused on bringing our communities online through community technology education, building community wireless networks, demystifying tech, and disrupting the dominant narratives about technology in Detroit. Our work is grounded in the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (DDJC) principles that focus on healthy communities, access, participation and community ownership. The DDJC created Internet-sharing mesh networks around the city beginning in 2012.

Expanding on the work of the DDJC, we launched the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) in 2016 with partners in three Detroit neighborhoods: Islandview, the North End, and Southwest. Beginning with a 45-household pilot, these three Internet networks have grown to include more than 500 households and small businesses. We’ve trained more than 300 hundred Digital Stewards, who have collectively designed and built these networks. The Digital Steward curriculum, which focuses on community tech, resiliency, digital security/privacy/consent, and tech engineering skills, has been successfully adapted in Seattle and NYC. Our model has been implemented and recognized nationally and internationally, with DCTP being cited as leaders in community-based technology and digital equity.

In 2023, we did amazing work with our Equitable Internet Initiative partners!

A person sitting on a bench at once of BLVD Harambee's community power stations   A digital steward at Grace in Action wearing a bright yellow safety harness   8 people sitting around a table at a community training at North End Woodward Community Coalition. One person has their hand raised.

BLVD Harambee EII

Church of the Messiah BLVD Harambee EII in Islandview is reopening their computer lab. Last fall, they completed the installation of sheds and benches at the solar charging stations located at Church of the Messiah and Genesis HOPE, making them more accessible for community members.


North End Woodward Community Coalition (NEWCC) EII now has more than 500 residents and businesses across their networks in the North End, Highland Park and Hamtramck. They've been connecting several apartment buildings throughout the North End and Highland Park and hosting community workshops.

Southwest EII

Southwest EII, based out of Grace in Action, continued the expansion of their network and welcomed a new Digital Steward. They have a new fiber network that begins at Michigan Ave. and Junction and will provide service for families surrounding Academy of the Americas and St. Hedwig’s Academy.

We are proud of the impact our work has had on Detroit and the larger digital justice community, the relationships we’ve built, and the partnerships we’ve nurtured!

Opportunity for Reflection

For the DCTP team, 2023 was a year of extraordinary change! We’ve watched our work blossom in many new ways while continuing to develop new tools to share with our wider community. We've also seen the digital landscape and ecosystem shift since DCTP was founded and EII was launched. These changes and shifts are calling us to shift our focus internally.

Over the next few months, we will take some time to deeply reflect on our 10 years of work, programming, and internal systems and structures. After taking this time for reflection and adaptation, we look forward to easing into new projects and opportunities later this year! To keep up with our processes and projects, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll be in touch soon to share some exciting updates!