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During this free 20-week program, you will learn technical and community organizing skills necessary to redistribute Gigabit Internet connections and bring your community online! Participants will graduate with skills in wireless engineering, network design, basic IT troubleshooting, community technology, network security and survey data analysis.

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Grace in Action Collectives is a network of youth-run and worker-owned collectives and cooperatives in Southwest Detroit. Together we are building economic equity and ownership by sharing our resources, knowledge and time while creating quality products and services.

Radical Productions

Radical Productions is a youth-run collective that is part of the Grace in Action network. Radical Productions builds websites and does graphic design work for customers throughout Detroit and beyond.

Some of our goals for the Equitable Internet Initiative project are as follows:

  • Create a wireless internet network that is owned by a community of neighbors and residents
  • Build greater access to the internet throughout Southwest Detroit
  • Create a core of young people in Southwest Detroit who become experts in building wireless networks.
  • Strengthen our current work in technology through intentional app development and training
  • Be in ongoing partnership with other spaces in the City of Detroit, including WNUC Community Radio and BLVD Harambee, to learn together how to teach neighborhood residents throughout the city to own and build their own community wireless networks.