Join the team as an Operations Manager!

Role Overview

The Operations Manager is a systems-thinker with a desire to strengthen and streamline the inner workings of teams, matched with an enthusiasm for supporting the people who comprise them. Our ideal candidate is passionate about the principles, policies, systems, and rituals that support the DCTP team in building an impactful, consentful, and exciting work environment. This person is self-directed, extremely detail-oriented, and able to work in a collaborative environment with a broad range of partners. We are seeking a candidate with experience in office management, HR, and/or grants administration with a strong commitment to social justice.

The primary focus of the operations role will be to support the DCTP team in building and... Continue reading

Stepping into 2024 with Detroit Community Technology Project!

10 Years

Since 2014, the Detroit Community Technology Project has been committed to ensuring digital equity and digital justice in our communities. For 10 years, we’ve focused on bringing our communities online through community technology education, building community wireless networks, demystifying tech, and disrupting the dominant narratives about technology in Detroit. Our work is grounded in the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (DDJC) principles that focus on healthy communities, access, participation and community ownership. The DDJC created Internet-sharing mesh networks around the city beginning in 2012.

Expanding on the work of the DDJC, we launched the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) in 2016 with... Continue reading

Inside Digital Stewardship: Q&A with Monique Tate

Monique Tate standing on a rooftop during an wireless Internet relay point installation, wearing an Equitable Internet Initiative t-shirt

Monique Tate is a Detroiter, community and digital equity activist, long-time Digital Steward, and Co-Director of Community Technology New York. We spoke with Monique about her thoughts and experiences with Digital Stewardship and community networks.

  1. You have been trained as a Digital Steward, managed a network, and trained others as Digital Stewards. Why do you do this work and what keeps you committed?
    I truly do this work because I love it! I love creating Tech based opportunities for our... Continue reading

Why Community Tech Matters to Me

Graphic image featuring a photo of a city street and a photo of an wireless antenna

by Rumi W. [they/xe]

Sometimes it's hard to write about why organizing really resonates with you and makes you want to be involved in whatever fashion you can. It's even harder when you see within organizing a possible future that should be more common in the world and isn't due to a number of different forces. So many of them are systemic, so many have to be drastically changed in order for anything new to come to fruition.

But, with that in mind, it makes it all the more... Continue reading

DCTP is seeking an experienced Curriculum Developer

About the Project

The Community Technology Collective is seeking an experienced Curriculum Developer, to lead a collaborative development process for the Digital Steward Curriculum. The curriculum focuses on community technology and the digital engineering skills needed to redistribute internet connections throughout a community. A detail-oriented developer will refresh our Digital Stewards curriculum to reflect lessons learned from Digital Stewards’ training and work in the field. Responsibilities include creating engaging and interactive lesson plans, developing resource material for student access post-class, and identifying a platform and process for curriculum management and version control. The... Continue reading

DCTP is seeking a Data Justice Community Fellow

The Detroit Community Technology Project (DCTP) is seeking a Data Justice Community Fellow for a 6-month curriculum development project. The primary focus of the Fellow will be to incorporate existing Data Justice media into a training curriculum suitable for community organizations, businesses, and others seeking an actionable pathway to mindful Data Stewardship. The role’s focus explores issues of data rights, digital privacy and racial and economic inequality in the United States. We strongly encourage people of color, women, non-binary, LGBTQIA, and disabled candidates to apply!

Position Details

This is a part-time contract position with the expectation of 15-20 hours of work per week at a rate of $30 per hour, beginning in March of 2022.

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The Detroit Community Technology Project is Hiring a Full-Time IT Manager

DCTP is hiring an IT Manager to support the development of our local wireless deployment and general organizational IT needs.

The IT manager will be supervised by DCTP’s Chief Network Engineer, Anderson Walworth, apprenticing to become a wireless engineer and community technologist while managing the IT systems within DCTP. The IT manager will work with DCTP staff, the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) Digital Stewards, and other partners to continuously design and refine our approach to teaching technology, designing and managing systems that track our technical assets and deployments, and building technology solutions.

For this manager position... Continue reading

Detroit Community Technology Project is Hiring an Equitable Internet Initiative Coordinator!

DCTP is hiring an Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) Coordinator to support the program director.

Detroit Community Technology Project’s (DCTP) mission is to use and develop technology rooted in community needs that strengthens human connections to each other and to the planet. Born from the Detroit Digital Justice Principles, we work to demystify technology and expand digital literacy in our communities

close-up photo looking over the shoulder of a person reading a print-out of the EII principles

Through EII, a program of... Continue reading