COVID-19 Statement

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To Our Community,

The moment we are living through has been undoubtedly frightening and uncertain. Many of us are forced to abruptly adjust to an ever-changing situation. We hope that you continue to find space and resources to properly attend to yourself and loved ones. For DCTP, the crisis around COVID-19 is presenting us — between deep breaths — with an opportunity and call to practice and ground in what we have known already to be true.

Up until this point, we have created programming, through Data Justice and the Equitable Internet Initiative, guided by the beliefs that we keep us safe, that we hold the solutions to our problems, and that communication is a human right. Though we will have to pivot and adapt to change, all of our work has been a rehearsal for this moment. Now is the time to practice the world we deserve and have dreamed of.

Below you will find how we are leveraging our existing skills and resources to support Detroiters who are most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis and how you can plug in to support these efforts.

In Solidarity,

Detroit Community Technology Project

How We’re Responding

  1. EII has established an intranet connection for residents on our networks. The intranet hosts information, resources, and a forum for neighbors to stay informed and in communication with one another, online or offline. Beyond our neighborhood-specific instance of the intranet, we have created a public-facing version with the same COVID related resources. You can find it here.
  2. DCTP is working with Grace in Action’s Digital Stewards to establish outdoor public WiFi access points and social distancing interventions at community centers, parks, and even residences in Southwest Detroit. These WiFi hotspots allow us to prioritize the health and wellness of digital stewards while also continuing to meet the emerging communication needs of Detroiters.
  3. The Data Justice program has been vigilantly monitoring attempts to heighten surveillance in response to the pandemic, regularly attending virtual board of police commissioner meetings, facilitating online meetings with local organizers around the implications of Project Green Light during COVID-19, convening the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, coalition building around the Green Chairs, Not Green Lights campaign, collaborating to create policy and ordinances, and educating community members about equitable participation in the 2020 Census. Data Justice is speaking truth to power and making sure we are actively shaping the narrative of this moment for Detroit.
  4. Lastly, DCTP is staying true to course. Even in a time of rapid response, our visions of holistic, long-term solutions for equitable Internet and data drive us forward. Far beyond the tech, we remain committed to resilient, safe communities and the relationships of trust and mutual aid that will make this future possible.

How You Can Support

  1. You can support DCTP by donating today or choosing to become a monthly sustainer! COVID-19 has highlighted how important it is that every one of us has access to the Internet and that we must remain active in defining safety for ourselves.
  2. Join us on social media @detcommtech! Keeping up with our calls to action, resilience, joy, and skill and knowledge sharing strengthens our network and movement.
  3. Say No to Unchecked Government Surveillance! People who live, work, or spend time in Detroit have the right to privacy. Tell the Detroit City Council to Pass the Community Input Over Government Surveillance (CIOGS) Ordinance. Sign the Petition!