In Support of Black Liberation

illustration of a group of people, with fists up and breaking down a brick wall, with text that reads 'defend our communities, defund police'

All of us at Detroit Community Technology Project are holding space for the righteous rage and grief moving within us and our communities. The particular anti-blackness of the COVID-19 pandemic and policing are devastating independently and unimaginable to have to navigate simultaneously.

We stand in firm solidarity with those resisting anti-black racism and white supremacy and affirm all the ways people choose to do so. We understand that we are witnessing Black communities practice self-determination. Those who are closest to the issue know best what they need and Black people across the nation are calling for a move away from policing and towards visions of true safety. We support the calls to #TurnTheWaterOn in Detroit, #DefundThePolice, #DeMilitarizePolice, and invest in #BlackFutures.

We are in opposition to the funding and use of state sanctioned surveillance and encourage everyone to practice consent, be mindful that we are protesting under mass surveillance, and keep each other as protected as possible. Do not share photos of people without blurring their face and other identifiable features.

There is no freedom without Black liberation. We speak aloud the names of Tony Mcdade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, and George Floyd.