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Equitable Internet Initiative

hand-drawn community wireless system with routers on top of buildings
The Equitable Internet Initiative will accelerate outreach, training and wireless broadband Internet sharing on the neighborhood level in Detroit. The program’s mission is to ensure that more Detroit residents have the ability to leverage online access and digital technology for social and economic development.

Data Justice Campaign

image of yellow notecards with words like data, justice, and discotech
DCTP is currently engaged in a local data justice campaign as part of a two year participatory national research project, called the “Our Data Bodies Project,” in collaboration with the New America Foundation and the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition. The data justice campaign in Detroit will conduct a participatory research process to understand the potential harms and benefits of the city’s Open Data Portal from the perspective of marginalized residents and community organizers.

Community Wireless

mesh network tools
Digital Stewards training prepares teams of community organizers, people with construction skills, and techies to design and deploy communications infrastructure with a commitment to the Detroit Digital Justice Principles.

Detroit Music Box

image of Detroit skyline with drawn wi-fi lines and a C for Cass Corridor
The Detroit Music Box is an application on the CassCo community wireless network. This application is a neighborhood radio station that broadcasts stories and media from people living in the Cass Corridor.