Katie Hearn

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Katie Hearn


As the director of DCTP, Katie brings a passion for big picture visioning and co-creation. A self-described “dial-up baby,” an interest in community wireless networks led her to the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition and the Detroit Digital Stewards community group, where she was moved by the promise of alternative digital futures.

She currently serves on the board of the Detroit Community Wealth Fund and the United Community Housing Coalition, and is a founding board member of the Detroit Kite Festival. If she’s not in a meeting, she is likely on a soccer field or a dance floor.


Tawana smiling, against a colorful background

Tawana Petty

Data Justice Community Researcher

Tawana Petty has a diverse background of community organizing experience in Detroit, particularly around issues such as water rights, digital justice, and youth advocacy. As part of a larger national research project her role as Director of Data Justice Programming revolves around understanding issues of open data, digital privacy and racial and economic inequality in Detroit though Data Discotechs and ongoing focus groups.

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Janice Gates

Director of EII Programming

Janice has a background in program management, marketing and public relations, and communications. In her role as the Program Director for the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII), she works with anchor organizations in three neighborhoods of Detroit seeding community technology programing, including DCTP’s Digital Stewards training program.


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Anderson Walworth

Chief Networking Engineer

Anderson has an extensive background in Information Technology. At DCTP, he facilitates our equipment rental program and has a talent for fixing technology as needed. He organized ongoing learning with Detroit Digital Stewards and maintains the CassCo community wireless network.


Portrait of Kristyn smiling, against a colorful background

Kristyn Sonnenberg

UX Developer

Kristyn has a background in UX research and design as well as web development. She is part of the communications team for DCTP, focusing on information design, graphic design and branding, and social media guides for the Equitable Internet Initiative. She is also responsible for design and development of DCTP’s website.