Equitable Internet Initiative

What is EII?

Since 2015, Detroit has been one of the country’s worst connected cities. In a city with a median household income of $26,249, 38% of homes have no Internet connection, 63% of low income homes have no in-home broadband, and 70% of school-age children have no Internet access at home.

Through the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII), we are creating the world we want to see! It’s a world with a healthy digital ecosystem that allows our communities to fully realize their right to communicate, participate, and fully engage in all areas of society. Within our communities, we practice consent, prioritize privacy, and establish best practices to secure our networks and customer data.

We address Internet access in Detroit through neighborhood-governed community wireless networks.

Our Work

In 2017, we trained 45 Digital Stewards across three Detroit neighborhoods. Each steward completed a 20 week training program that included community organizing and wireless engineering. In 2018, we completed the pilot year and connected more than 150 homes across three neighborhoods. In 2019, our partners at NEWCC expanded into Highland Park. We are focused on adoption, sustainability network expansion and creating resiliency strategies for our neighborhoods.

Network Priorities

  • Homes with no or low-speed connections,
  • those with family members in educational programs,
  • homes of elders,
  • homes where families participate in government assistance programs, and
  • those located in a vulnerable areas that may experience flooding, water shut offs, black/brown outs, or other emergencies.

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