North End Woodward Community Coalition


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The North End Woodward Community Coalition (NewCC) was formed in 2011 as a transit justice organization advocating for public transit that is accessible, affordable, accountable, and equitable for those who are transit dependent. That road has led to work ranging from solar lighting to community powered radio. They have found that "voice and power" has taken many turns.

WNUC Community Radio

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NewCC's dream is to provide "voice" to our community and be a "uniting" factor for all of Detroit. Currently, they are nearing launch mode for the community radio station WNUC 96.7 fm, with an estimated audience reach of 300,000. WNUC conducts a young producers "Radio to the Future" training for youth ages 11-18 years to prepare them for careers in broadcasting.

WNUC's goals with the Equitable Internet Initiative are as follows:

  • To increase Internet access in the North End of Detroit an undeserved community
  • To provide pathways for youth into the opportunities of Detroit
  • To create opportunity and possibility that folks otherwise don't see or are chosen to be involved with


Are you connected to the community Internet network in North End Woodward? Access network information, policies, and support here.